Blueface Releases “Dirt Bag” EP (Buy + Stream)

As much as Los Angeles rapper Blueface has stayed in the news cycle since releasing his Famous Cryp project, it’s hard to believe he’d let a full year pass before delivering a follow-up. But if the Dirt Bag EP is to be believed, very little has changed for the charismatic former high school football star who introduced the world to the term “Thotiana.” He’s still got that signature off-kilter delivery, he’s still punctuating his bars with his “Blueface, baby” and “Yeah, aight” ad-libs, and maybe no less importantly, he’s still got that giant Benjamin Franklin tattoo on the side of his face. He has, however, added a blue “security strip” to the tattoo as a not-so-subtle reminder that this Blueface is the genuine article

Buy + Stream Here: & Here:

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